I hereby acknowledge and accept that by entering these premises/trails, I agree that I will not have to sign another indemnity again for this venue/ trails and accept the conditions below unconditionally, and for every time I visit this venue/ trails. I hereby acknowledge that I enter the premises of MTO Trails entirely at my own risk. I acknowledge that I am fully aware of and accept the real dangers and risks that are associated with visiting/using these trails for purposes including mountain biking, walking, running, and other features /facilities at MTO Trails in addition to risks arising from activities of wild and dangerous animals/ reptiles, birds, insects and the risk of suffering from bodily harm, injury or death, theft or lost property which may arise from the activities or my presence. I am fully aware that there are no lifesaving or medical facilities provided by MTO Trails. I hereby acknowledge that I am aware of the risks involved in the usage of MTO trails and all activities associated and accept such risk. I hereby confirm and acknowledge that I am capably fit, knowledgeable and experienced to use, take part in and compete in the necessary activities and features at MTO Trails. I hereby waive all claim/s of whatsoever cause on nature whether being of a negligent nature or not, or loss howsoever arising against the landowners/MTO Forestry (Pty) Ltd, their associates, employees, or any person or company connected whether directly or indirectly with the running of the venue/ trails and fellow guests/ invitees which I might have arising out on harm, injury, death or loss suffered whilst on the premises/ trails, and whether arising from act of commission or omission on the part of those hereby indemnified or any one of them. I hereby further acknowledge that I have read and agree to adhere to the Rules and Regulations relating to being on the MTO Trails Property.