By entering this event I undertake to be bound by the rules and regulations of the event including those of IAAF and ASA. I warrant that I am in good health and aware of the risks and dangers of physical nature of this sporting event, and do not claim ignorance of these risks and dangers. I hereby accept that I participate in the event entirely at my own risk and I release and discharge, to the fullest extent allowed in law, the organisers of the event, all sponsors, persons and organisations assisting in the staging of the event, provincial and national athletics bodies and all local authorities from any responsibility, liability or costs relating to any injury, loss or damage of whatever nature, however caused, arising directly or indirectly from my participation in the event including pre-and post-race activities. I further agree and warrant that if at any time I believe conditions to be unsafe, I will immediately discontinue further participation in the activity;

MINOR RELEASE: and I, the minor’s parent and/or legal guardian, understand the nature of athletic activities and the minor’s experience and capabilities and believe the minor to be qualified, in good health, and in proper physical condition to participate in such activity and I enter into this Indemnity/waiver on behalf of the minor.

ASA Rules: Obey all Traffic Officials and Race Marshals. The race will be run according to the rules of ASA and the IAAF. No seconding will be allowed as there are sufficient refreshment stations on the route.

Ages:   Athletes for 10km must be 14 years or older on the day of the race.  Athletes for 21.1km must be 16 years or older on the day of the race Athletes for 42.2km must be 20 years or older on the day of the race 

Proof of age (ID) to be produced upon request on day of race. All athletes will participate at their own risk. Registered athletes must wear full club colours. 2019 license numbers on the front and back of the vest. Athletes who are not licensed members of a club must purchase a temporary license and pin it to the front on the vest. Remember to complete the Temporary license tear off slip immediately and hand it back to the organizer. Race number not to cover the ASA Logo.

Age category ID tags must be worn (back and front) by athletes competing for a category prize AND must be fixed on the vest (all 4 corners). Walkers must have a fixed “W” on the vest to qualify for any prizes. Athletes may be requested to provide proof  of age on race day.

Athletes, entering for this event, and use medication to treat an illness or condition which fall under the Prohibited List, should complete a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) form before entering for the event and obtain authorization from SAIDS to take the needed medicine or method.”

12% levy of entry fee must be paid over to Athletics Mpumalanga by race organizer.

The wearing of earphones or headsets are not permitted due to safety reasons and will lead to disqualification. Race Venue is an alcohol free zone.

Registered athletes are covered by  a group personal insurance scheme. Temporary licensed athlete have no cover and are urged to join an affiliated club.

Refuse bins will be provided along the route. Please discard used water sachets into or near the bins. Littering may lead to disqualification. Please do not discard used water sachets beyond designated points.